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  1. Log in to your account.
  2. On the Dashboard, click Services. (About Services)
  3. Click Create Service.
  4. Enter a descriptive Service Name, such as 60-Minute Massage or Follow-Up Appointment. Clients see the Service Name when they request an appointment.
  5. Optional: To limit the service to a certain client or group of clients, select the client or group name from the Client drop-down menu. To make the service available to all, select All Clients.
  6. Enter the Service Cost. You can enter a whole number or use decimals. Do not include the dollar sign. For example, if the service cost is $60.00, you can enter 60 or 60.00. If the service cost is $9.99, enter 9.99.
  7. Optional: To require clients to make a deposit or to pay for the appointment up front, select Prepayment Required. You can then enter a Prepayment Amount. Clients must pay this amount to complete their appointment request.
  8. Optional: If this service is a group service, such as a class or workshop, select Class. You can then define the class size by entering a number in the Max Attendees box.
  9. Optional: To create this service but not make it available yet, select Hidden. When you are ready to accept appointment requests for this service, you can clear the Hidden check box and make the service available for booking.
  10. Click Save.

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