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About Action Buttons: Edit, Delete, Calendar, and More

Use the Action buttons to edit information, delete entries, view the calendar, and perform other actions that relate to the section of that you are using. Action buttons are available anywhere you can view a list, such as the Clients page and the Services page.

Edit button  Edit. Click to edit information about a service, client, employee, or other entry.

Delete button  Delete. Click to remove a service, client, employee, or other entry from your account.

Calendar button  Calendar. Click to view bookings, make an appointment, or manage your schedule.

Office hours button Office Hours. Click to view or update the office hours for an employee.

User button  User. Click to view or edit a user profile.


About Your Dashboard

Your Dashboard is the starting place for everything you do in From your Dashboard, you can add services, invite clients to, create client groups, add employees to your account, update your business information, set daily and custom office hours, and manage your schedule.

Screenshot: Dashboard for Service Providers

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